Prepare your teen for the road ahead
The right driving school can make all the difference. AAA cares about the safety of your teen and wants to help you prepare your new driver for the dangers of driving. We have developed a premier research-based curriculum with teen safety in mind, so you can put your new driver on the road with confidence.

AAA Driving School includes:

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    Professional instructors focus on safety, not rushing through course
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    Includes freeway driving, night driving, and ABS braking instruction
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    Provides course overview and other helpful materials and information

Teen Driving School

NNE driving school instruction

How to choose a quality driving school

When the time comes to pick a driving school, look beyond your budget and time frame to seek out a quality driving school—one that focuses on your teen’s safety, not just passing the license test at the cheapest price.

  • Ask around.  Check with friends and family about driving schools they’ve used.
  • Call different schools. Ask about their operations, as well as references.
  • Visit several schools. Sit in on a session; examine the vehicles and student materials; and ask how instructors are trained.
  • Focus on quality. Don’t settle for driving schools that advertise quick or easy programs. 


Supplemental online driving course

AAA’s How to Drive Online training program supplements states’ specific requirements for driver’s licenses for teens.3 Teens can work at their own pace through the 25 hours of content. The course includes training videos, Crash Cam footage, driving simulations, interactive memory exercises, and quizzes on the rules of the road. It concludes with a test to determine your teen’s preparedness for subsequent training. How to Drive Online is:

  • Convenient: Teens can access the online instruction any time, anywhere
  • Reliable: The course’s scientifically validated curriculum is based on the latest research
  • Informative: For $15, an optional course is available to help parents as their teen learns to drive

Is your teen ready for the driving test?

AAA is pleased to offer private driving lessons and test prep lessons with a professional instructor. Help your teen be fully prepared and confident for their upcoming driving test. Your teen will receive behind-the-wheel personal coaching, including last minutes tips that align with the state driving test. Additional instruction hours and custom driving routes are available.4

1Free 12-month Associate Membership cannot be combined with any other discount or coupon. Available to graduates of full driving programs (classroom education with 10-hour in-car driving instruction). Each associate member must be of driving age and reside in your household. Limit six associates per membership. AAA NNE reserves the right to require proof of residency. Associate Memberships must be the same level as the Primary Membership. Plus and Premier benefits for new associates are effective 7 calendar days after gift certificate is received and processed. The extended benefits will not apply to any vehicle breakdowns that occurred prior to or during such 7 day period. Member eligibility, dues, fees, benefits and services subject to change without notice. One membership per individual. Applications subject to approval and acceptance by AAA.


2Discounts may apply to select coverages, vary by policy and are conditional. AAA Northern New England membership requires the separate payment of annual dues and an admission fee for new members. AAA insurance is a collection of AAA branded products, services and programs available to qualified AAA members.  AAA personal lines insurance is provided by Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club (Exchange).  AAA Northern New England is a licensed insurance agency acting as an agent for the Exchange.


3The AAA How to Drive Online training program provides supplementary driver-safety education and does not satisfy any state requirements, including required classroom training, for obtaining a driver’s license.


4Driving Test Prep Lessons based on availability and must be scheduled in advance. Student is not required to complete the AAA driving school training program to enroll in lesson.


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